Adult Traininig

Required Troop Training  

Unit Type Position Required Courses To Be Position Trained Required Training
Scoutmaster (SM), Assistant Scoutmaster (SA), Leader of 11-Year Old Scouts Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills Scoutmaster Specific Training Youth Protection Training
ScoutParents Unit Coordinator (PC) WEB Troop Committee Challenge ScoutParents Unit Coord Fast Start Youth Protection Training
Troop Chairman (CC), Troop Committee (MC) WEB Troop Committee Challenge   Youth Protection Training
Logon to BSA Training


Scout Training

 Totin’ Chip Requirements

1. Read and understand woods tools use and safety rules from the Boy Scout Handbook.
2. Demonstrate proper handling, care, and use of the pocket knife, ax, and saw.
3. Use the knife, ax, and saw as tools, not playthings.
4. Respect all safety rules to protect others.
5. Respect property. Cut living and dead trees only with permission and with good reason.
6. Subscribe to the Outdoor Code.


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